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Call a Nerd has been founded by Felix Patzelt. Nowadays Call a Nerd is a team of high specialized experts in the topics software development, webdesign, SEO and online marketing.
We offer free and Kostenlose und uncommited problem analysis and effort estimation with transparent cost estimation. That means you have the full control about the process and costs
We always create a free analysis of the project and a non-binding cost estimate. We also provide emergency assistance via telephone + screen sharing for 16.50 € / 10 min. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

We have developed a theme for you

Website templates from blog to shop
Easily import templates and edit them with the visual editor.
Nice and modern design
Many different design options for all pages, posts, products and categories. 3 different post pictures Representations: small, medium, full screen or hide. Page types: boxed with sidebar or without and fullscreen
Quality made in germany
Perfect for an online shop
Regular updates for constant security. By extra plugins legally compliant in Germany, modern shop design, many customization options, visual editor also usable for the product description. Frontend and backend completely in german!

Provided by your WordPress agency based in cologne germany

High-quality theme templates for the most diverse requirements:

The theme includes templates for:

  • restaurant
  • Management consultancy
  • lawyer
  • App page
  • building contractors
  • Gyms

and much more

Your website might look that good too soon. These templates can be integrated with just one click into any existing or new WordPress website, which was created with the free Call a Nerd Theme or subsequently converted to it

WordPress agency cologne services

Wordpress websites
Design, Speed and SEO
Also existing websites
Online shop creation
Help with all challenges
Additional functions like configurator
Maintenance and Care
All updates
Uptime Monitor
Eliminate errors that occur
Improve space in search
SEO errors detect
Set up constant monitoring
Vulnerabilities Analysis
Wordpress curing
Automatic backups
Speed tests
Overview of causes
Improve speed significantly
Wordpress and WooCommerce
50 km radius from Cologne
Online by phone + screen
Facebook and Adwords
Generate turnover in the short term
Or build a long-term brand
Wordpress server transfer
Webhosting Package Exchange
Fix all errors
Moving in the background
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Insight is the first step to recovery. With our SEO and Website Speedtest you can see the problems of your website at a glance and know directly what you can improve to get a better Google ranking. Try now!

Do you already know our free learning video series:
"Your own website with the Call a Nerd Wordpress Theme"?

Customer review:

Call a Nerd helped me to create an online shop with shirt configurator, custom profile and login area. I especially liked Call a Nerd Service: The reliability and friendliness, always an open ear even very complex things are usually implemented. Answer quickly and clearly with questions. The whole package has really convinced me, from website to starter tips, Felix Patzelt from Call a Nerd helps where he can.

Rifat Husic Founder and CEO of Pierre Collar

We are your personal WordPress agency from cologne germany

Our services: fast help with your website and your blog, information about the CMS WordPress as well as development and advice on SEO, plugins and design. We support you as WordPress agency Cologne in your WordPress software installation and the web design for your website, blog or landing page. We will customize your plugins and soon release our own WordPress theme, which is based on a strong Visual Builder and optimized for the German market. In addition to personal advice, our video series, which you can find on YouTube and on my blog, also offers beginner-friendly tutorials, as well as answers to many questions about the popular CMS WordPress.

What makes the offer of the WordPress agency?
We speak your language and meet us at eye level. We are your WordPress agency in Cologne and are also at your disposal for all questions about WordPress SEO, WooCommerce Shop development and marketing. No matter what's on your mind: whether you want to offer a Commerce subscription, for example, or develop an online store for your customers with a customized product configurator, we'll develop tailored solutions to help you stand out from the competition. Our new agency theme will help you even better! Look into the references and make your own picture. Or even better, just contact us now.

Why is WordPress the most popular CMS?
WordPress conquered the world and rightly so: You can do so much as a layman yourself, it is also extremely flexible and diverse. It's been optimized from the start to get a good search engine placement on Google & Co, so it's easy to use and inherently offers responsive programming. With WordPress, much more can be done than just a simple blog or website. A forum, a marketplace, a shop – almost everything is possible. Why do I need a WordPress agency? you may ask yourself. Well, you can do many things yourself, but everything that goes beyond the creation of a simple page, of course, quickly gets more complicated, for many settings you need programming skills. Especially if you want to use WordPress to represent your business, in most cases you do not have the time to get so involved in the WordPress theme that you can really do it all on your own. In such cases, it usually makes more sense to hand in the more complex tasks to a competent WordPress agency from Cologne. Then we are on the spot. No matter what kind of help you need, whether you want to implement a new project, your site has been hacked, you want to improve your SEO or you want to have your site backed up and maintained – we are there for you and find a solution. Your personal WordPress agency | Cologne!

Quick help from your WordPress agency Cologne
As the founder of Call a Nerd, I do not want my clients to be dependent on me, but that WordPress and Woocommerce, website design and e-commerce can be just as fun as mine. That's why I do not tell you that you get stuck without professional support on WordPress, but give you my free tips – you can decide for yourself if you use our tutorials and take your project into your own hands, if you have our support only in small parts of your homepage need or whether you want to sit back relaxed and transfer us from the ground up the entire work on your project. Everything is possible. As a small programmer, I also started with a blog about WordPress and now, as the owner of your personal WordPress agency for Cologne, together with my team, can look back on many years of experience and successful projects.

Convince yourself on our site, on the videos and in the references of our agency services around WordPress, plugins and web design and feel free to contact us.